Download a PDF brochure of each of the following courses that teach the Way of the Corporate Warrior by clicking on the page image:

The 4-Energy Styles

The 4 Temperament Styles explained using the metaphor of the Aiki energetic principles.

Learn about the different temperament styles, their motivations and reaction modes. Identify the different styles based on their energetic experience. Finding your own place in the Temperament matrix.

Power of the ‘ABC’ Technique

A simple mnemonic to learn the principles of Conflict Management derived from the practice of Ai-Ki-Do:

  • Awareness to prevent conflict
  • Behaviour to engage in conflict
  • Connection to resolve conflict

‘Aiki’ Exercise Program

A repertoire of physical exercise practises derived from Ai-Ki-Do to develop:

  • Physical connection and integration
  • Beneficial use of breath to deepen concentration
  • Movement from a balanced centre to avoid tension
  • Greater resilience to distress and increased confidence

Bullying – Best practice

A program for managers. Taught by lawyers and mediators, to guide you through the legislation definitions and decisions on Bullying & Harassment.

Understand your obligations and requirements when dealing with situations in which bullying or harassment claims are made. Learn about best practice, procedural fairness, reasonable management responses and early intervention techniques.

Review practical responses and opportunities to resolve using transformative mediation techniques.