A Transformative Approach

People handle conflict in different ways.

For many people, “peace” is the absence of conflict and disharmony, a kind of holiday tranquility. But conflict is ever-present, it cannot be avoided or imagined away. Peace and conflict are a duality, one state defines the other. We experience peace by managing conflict not by imagining that it does not exist.

How we deal with conflict in our lives depends on our choice of focus. With a transformative approach we avoid positions to explore business and personal relationship issues.


We recognise that conflicts are constructive opportunities for growth, change and expanded possibilities. We adopt a transformative approach and a design orientation to creating possible opportunities and avoiding positions.

People generally seek to avoid conflict because they have never been taught the skills of managing it. Like playing the piano and driving a car, these skills are neither innate nor inherited, we have to learn them.

With bullying and harassment, many organisations start from a perspective of investigating, categorising and blaming, all after the event. We employ the opposite approach. We aim to strengthen “personal resilience” to better deal with conflict situations and preferably before a significant incident occurs that can lead to more widespread effects.

The Corporate Warriorship programme builds personal resiliance by developing both personal awareness of temperamental styles as well as experiential learning of the ways of energetic flow as opposed to fight, freeze or flee behaviours.