What is the Corporate Warrior programme?

Corporate Warriorship is not about fighting, but resolving conflicts.

The Conflict Connexus training is unique. It teaches the same experiential skills and proven methodologies that “warriors” of ancient times developed to proceed in spite of their fears by seeking to stabilise and centre themselves in times of great stress.

The skills of staying centred and calm when in conflict can only be learnt experientially. Warriors who faced the threat of dying in battle understood this. Over centuries, they practised the techniques of finding equanimity in conflict and maintaining a  meditative mindset.

These skills were codified and taught to men and women by a modern Japanese martial artist, Professor Morihei Ueshiba, after the second World War. Although he had spent his life training in the Japanese martial arts (and had taught many of the high ranking Japanese soldiers before the war) he came to a personal realisation that:

Budo [the way of the warrior] is not a technique to fight and defeat the enemy.
It is the way to reconcile the world and make human beings one family.

His called this art Ai-Ki-Do, the Way of Harmony. Since that time it has been taught around the world, to men and women of all ages, as a martial art which has as its goal, the reconciliation of conflict. Read more about Aikido here: Aikido.com.au

Our Corporate Warriorship program teaches a blending of ancient Martial Arts principles and modern Mediation Mindfulness and Negotiation techniques. The program provides course participants with real insights into their behaviour and simple yet powerful techniques to manage their conflict in a collaborative, low stress ways. Our Corporate Warrior program integrates the latest thinking about negotiation strategies, Mediative mindset with the underlying martial art practices of Aikido, the Way of Harmony.

We offer courses that teach the Way of the Corporate Warrior.