Conflict Connexus provides a unique training solution for organisations

It teaches the skills of connecting people to transform conflict in a service orientated way.

  • Do your staff in the same office communicate by email – because they don’t want to make personal contact with a colleague?
  • Is your company separated into “silos” or separate camps which always seem to be pushing their own vision but not sharing in the corporation’s?
  • Is conflict in your organization a positive force for change or a negative and destructive process, which inhibits innovation and cripples collaboration?

People deal with conflict in one of two ways – Fight or Flight.

It’s programmed into each one of us, and so is the preference. Some people go out of their way to avoid a fight with a rival. Others are spoiling for a fight, and prepared to “crash through, or crash” because they find it difficult to back down. For both behavioral styles the result is the same, disconnection and separation. For the organisation, disharmony and wasted energy.

Conflict Connexus teaches the way of Flow.

Its techniques are proven. They are based on the martial prowess of the ancient samurai Warriors and the Zen monks who taught them the skills of not fighting. This method was developed not by people seeking peace but by the very warriors who waged war. Through their intensive practice of the arts of war (the Japanese budo) they developed the insight that the acme of martial skill was to settle conflicts without resort to violence. This required understanding not only the situation (analysis) but themselves (insight).

Our Corporate Warriorship program teaches a blending of ancient Martial Arts skills and modern Mediation and Mindfulness techniques.