Conflict Connexus

– is bringing together people in conflict

– to create a “collaborative connection”

For over 20 years, we have pioneered the art of conflict handling inspired by the developing techniques of the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation, the Conflict Transformation theories of Joseph Folger & Robert Baruch Bush and the practice of Aikido, the Japanese martial art of Harmony.

Our training courses prepare corporate staff and their managers to handle the physical and psychological pressures of real life conflicts. We do this by:

  • providing unique, experiential training courses in Negotiation techniques, Mediative mindset behaviour and Conflict resolution strategies for organisations.
  • working with organisations to provide their staff with better personal skills to handle conflict situations that arise in the workplace and to build personal resilience to handle approaching conflict.

Organisational Benefits

Better Decision Making Our 4-Energies matrix provides an easily read map of human interaction that staff can use to communicate their personal needs or understand the unstated needs of others.

Reduced stress By providing the simple yet powerful ABC Technique™ for handling conflict, we give staff a low-key, flexible and harmonious way to handle the physical and emotional stress that conflict generates.

Greater Resilience Rather than trying to relieve the outcomes of conflict by counselling, we build resistance to stressful situations through physical “Aiki” Exercise and safe pathways for handling stress.

Conflict Connexus techniques are used in the handling of bullying situations in workplaces and schools, in sales and client retention, in the managing of customer complaints, in high stakes legal negotiations and to examine power and influence in corporate coaching.