About the Corporate Warriorship programme

How do you effect real change to deal with bullying and harassment in your business?
What can an organisation do to  provide its workers with better skills to handle conflict situations?

Corporate Warriorship is not about fighting, it is about resolving disputes.  The Conflict Connexus training is unique. It teaches the same experiential skills and proven methodologies that “warriors” developed to better stabilise and centre their fears in times of great stress.

These sklills were codified and taught to men and women by a modern Japanese martial artist, Professor Morihei Ueshiba, after the the second World War.  Although he had spent his life training in the Japanese martial arts (and had taught many of the high ranking Japanese soldiers before the war) he came to a personal realisation that:

Budo [the martial way of the warrior] is not a technique to fight and defeat the enemy.
It is the way to reconcile the world and make human beings one family.”

His art was called AiKiDo, the Way of Harmony, and since then it has been taught around the world, to men and women of all ages, as a martial art which has as its goal, the reconciliation of a conflict. For more information about the art of AiKiDo see here: Aikido.com.au

Professor Ueshiba taught that:

The Art of Peace is the principle of non-resitance.
Because it is non-resistant it is victorious from the beginning.
Those with evil intentions or contentious thoughts are vanquished.
The Art of Peace is invincible because it contends with nothing.

For many people, “peace” is the absence of conflict and disharmony, a kind of holiday tranquility. But conflict is ever-present, it cannot be avoided or imagined away. Peace and conflict are a duality, one state defines the other. We experience peace by managing conflict not by imaging that it does not exist.

People generally seek to avoid conflict because they have never been taught the skills of managing it. Like playing the piano and driving a car, these skills are neither innate nor inherited, we have to learn them.

With bullying and harassment, many organisations start from a perspective of investigating, categorising and blaming, all after the event. We employ the opposite approach. We aim to strengthen the “victims” to better deal with conflict situations and lead the perpetrators to a greater self realisation of the results of their actions. Preferably before a significant incident occurs that can lead to more widespread effects.

The Corporate Warriorship programme provides course participants with real insights into their behaviour and techniques to manage their conflict in collaborative, low stress ways.

We offer courses that teach the Way of the Corporate Warrior:

COURSE 1 – Power Influence Control and Success

The 4 Temperament Styles explained using the metaphor of the Aiki energetic principles. Learn about the different temperament styles, their motivations and reaction modes. Identify the different styles based on their energetic experience. Finding your own place in the Temperament matrix.

COURSE 2 – ‘ABC’ Technique

A simple mnemonic to learn the principles of Conflict Management derived from the practice of Ai-Ki-Do:

  • Awareness to prevent conflict
  • Behaviour to engage in conflict
  • Connection to resolve conflict

For more information on Ai-Ki-Do see the Aikido Australia website: www.aikido.com.au