The ‘ABC’ Technique™

This course provides an introduction to the ‘ABC’ Technique™, a unique proprietary methodology of handling conflict, which explores and explains human motivation, action and performance in dispute environments in an entirely novel way.

Author Stephen Covey has identified this as the “gap between stimulus and response.” That area in which we can suspend our tendency for instinctive reaction and modify it into a more purposeful and appropriate response.

A-B-C technique

The ‘ABC Technique’™ is developed around a simple mnemonic. Accept, Balance and Connect.

Accept. The first step is to let go the adversarial approach and Accept that what your opponent says is right – for them.

Acceptance is following their thinking, their attitude, without analysis. You can accept on that basis, even if you do not agree.

Balance. The other party may not be asking or calling for our help, but we join with them anyway. We are at one with them.

Balance is the skill to move from two separate entities or energies to one separated but “balanced” whole. It is similar to the skilful waiter or salesperson who is able to move from the position of “selling” someone something to being part of the search to assist them to find what they are looking for.

Connect. When we are engaged they are helpless to refuse, as it is their own energy we are partnered with.  We are “walking’ in their moccasins, but while they are still wearing them!

We engage in deep connection by following their intentions, not by examining their thought processes.  We understand not by “getting inside their head” but by being willing to join their energetic direction.

Once engaged we are able to lead them to our conclusion


  • Provide participants with a repertoire of responses for conflict situations which allow them to act in a low stress way.
  • Train the mind and body towards a unity of will and enable participants to maintain stability and poise in the midst of challenge, crisis and conflicts.
  • Allow choice of action and individual responsiveness tailored to the situation.
  • Provide a simple and effective psycho-physical mechanism for maintaining connection and dealing with others in conflict situations.